Storyteller with an artistic eye, an adventurous spirit and a clear aim to make this world a little nicer. 

Production company: Åge Film AB
Lives in: 
Stockholm, Sweden

My background is in documentary, but I am also working with non-scripted TV, fiction, commercials, corporate films and art. I both direct and shoot, as well as produce when it comes to smaller productions. I’m currently directing two feature documentaries,Sara Parkman at production company Story and Age at Film and Tell. I am also DoPing the feature documentary Eskiboi.

I started my film education in 2011 with a one-year documentary programme at Nordens folkhögskola, Biskops-Arnö, where I made my first feature documentary, Tjuvgods. I continued my studies at the Stockholm Academy of Arts, where I completed a BFA in documentary film directing. This is where I directed my second feature, In a Tree. Lastly, I studied at Valand Academy in Gothenburg, where I worked as a DoP on the feature fiction film The wind bloweth as it listeth.

My documentary perspective has proved a unique angle in today’s reality productions. Some of my work includes DoP and TV director in Gift vid första ögonkastet (SVT) and Expeditionen (TV4), both of which received awards such as Kristallen for Best Reality Show 2019 and Effort of the Year at Riagalan 2019. I love what I do, and really it started in 2004 when a friend and I hitchhiked through Europe without any money, and made a movie while exploring “the good will of man”. After that I spent a few years studying physics, the history of ideas and doing a lot of travelling, until I finally dedicated myself fully to film. I have also had a longing for doing something more concrete, leading to me build a small experimental dream house in the Swedish countryside.


In production Age (prod. Film and Tell, Marina Cracana) Long documentary – Director, DoP
In production Eskiboi (director Joanna Karlberg) Lång dokumentärfilm – DoP
2019 The future office (prod. Åge film) Corporate film – Director
2019 Love the way you move (prod. Slutet är nära, Friskis och Svettis) Commercial - Director
2019 Toppar och dalar (prod. Baluba, Erland Beskow) TV-serie - DoP
2019 Gift vid första ögonkastet (prod. Baluba, Lotta Hellman) TV-serie – DoP, element producer
2019 Expeditionen (prod. Baluba, Lotta Hellman) TV-serie - DoP, redactor
2018 Gift vid första ögonkastet (prod. Baluba, Lotta Hellman) TV-serie - DoP, element producer
2018 Kolla myten (prod. UR, Mikaela Perier) TV-serie - Element producer
2018 Det goda landet (prod. Film and Tell, Oscar Hedin) Documentary series - Director, DoP
2017 Gift vid första ögonkastet (prod. Baluba, Lotta Hellman) TV-serie - DoP, element producer
2017 Vinden blåser vart den vill (prod. Akademi Valand, director Kim Ekberg) Long fiction – DoP
2016 Uppdrag Granskning-sopkriget (prod. Laika Film och TV, Andreas Rocksén) TV - DoP
2015 Inuti ett träd (prod. Stockholm Academy of the Arts) Lång dokumentärfilm - Director
2014 Lars Gunnar Larsson (prod. Stockholm Academy of the Arts) Long documentary - Director
2014 Dancing with spectators (prod. Cullberg, Åge film) Short documentary - Director
2013 Den dansande kroppen (prod. Åge film) Short fiction - Director, DoP
2013 Den okända vägen (prod. Rädda barnen, Åge film) Short documentary - Director, DoP
2012 Tjuvgods (prod. Biskops Arnö, Åge film) Long documentary - Director, DoP, Editor


2015-2016 Cinematography Filmhögskolan Akademi Valand
2012-2015 Bachelor degree in Documentary Film directing Stockholm Academy of the Arts Dramatiska Högskola
2011-2012 Documentary film making Nordens Folkhögskola Biskops Arnö
2006-2010 Engineering in physics, History of ideas, German, Spanish, Rhetoric, Floristics Lunds Tekniska Högskola och Universitet